We believe in an “Open Source Partnership.”  Safety and compliance departments are cost-centers, and it is often difficult to fund the up-front costs of large software systems.  In the long-term, we know that buying the software is only one small piece of the equation.  That is why we provide our entire platform as open source to institutions that partner with us.

We believe in lowering the barriers to entry, adopting at your own pace, and only paying for what you need to be added to the platform and any additional support and infrastructure you require.  We keep our operation lean, and our overhead low, so that we can focus solely on creating value.

In the second half of 2019, we are looking for a limited number of partners to use our time-tested, highly adaptable system.  Once we’ve proven the value of our platform, we’ll map out a plan for your safety and compliance systems based on your specific needs, including integration with existing safety, compliance, and institutional systems, and migration of legacy systems and documents.  We will work with you on continually improving your systems, business processes, and strategies to enhance the culture of safety and responsibility at your organization.