The following table gives access to presentations we've done in the past that you may find helpful in evaluating various aspects of the platform.


Adoption Strategy

Presentation Title



EHS Integrator

The Power of having an integrated EHS System such as EHSIntegrator

Shows how an extended workflow can be assembled across the various EHSIntegrator modules.

The example shows a seven stage process as follows:

  • Onboard Assessment
  • PI Profile Creation
  • Registering Protocols
  • Lab Equipment/ Signage,
  • Surveys/Inspections
  • Find-And-Fix
  • Data Metric Analysis

CSHEMA 2012 presentation.


(4 MBs)

Vertical Stack - Biological Safety
EHS Management Systems - Integrated Biosafety

Similar benefits would apply to Rad and/or Chem.
Discusses some of the benefits of having an integrated system over maintaining separate silo systems for Biological Safety.

MABSA 2014 presentation.


 (4 MBs)


EHS Inspector 

Building a Solid Information System & Opening the Door to Process Improvements

Two part presentation. The first part makes a data integrity case for a single integrated system like EHS Integrator over separate silo systems.

The second part, illustrates a significant process improvement from doing so - using the system's survey module to create surveys from scratch that know how to leverage data from other modules e.g. to identify principals and their relevant areas (labs/rooms) that need that survey type. And then having the system itself, track issue resolution.

CSHEMA 2011 presentation.


(10 MBs)

EHS Compliance

EHS Information Systems Overview

Micro presentation covering some aspects of EHSIntegrator's training compliance.


(1.5 MBs)