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  Safety Program Modules [More...]

  • Research / Lab Safety 
    • Biological Safety
    • Chemical Safety
    • Radiation Safety
    • General Lab Safety
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Occupational / Physical
  • Cross Discipline (Safety Advisor)

We handle more

  • 100s of Principals
  • 1,000s of Research Protocols & Assistants
  • 10,000s Inventory Items & Surveys/Inspections
  • ...and do so wicked fast

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EHS information needs, the more you should be talking
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General Functions Safety Programs Custom Adoption

General Function Modules [More...]

  • Core Data Modules (Organization and Principal Profile)
  • General Functional Modules (Survey and Training, Incidents, Metrics, etc.)

Custom Adoption [More...]

  • Custom Configuration
    • Config table to turn on and off features
    • User system roles
    • Meta-data driven activities
  • Custom Adoption Paths (also see Adoption options on right)