About Us

Our Mission is to actively support the EHS Office and Staff in providing a safer environment for everyone.  

We do so, by actively listening to our customers and then delivering them tools that both help improve their productivity and the accuracy of their safety and compliance efforts.

If you're a medium to large EHS Office for a Research University who needs a better system, talk to us, "WE HAVE MORE."  In fact, the more extensive your information needs are, the more you should be talking to us.

Our system provides many productivity and data management tools, such as, work flow managers, automated notifications and calculation of metrics, system assisted issue tracking, etc., all intended to either reduce the information system work load on EHS Staff or the accuracy of their efforts, so they can more time thinking about and focusing on other safety needs.

Supporting the EHS Office's own customers is our extended mission. Our system provides a Principal Investigator (PI) Web Portal designed so PIs can efficiently interact with EHS.  The system will send PIs notices when they need to provide information. And those notices will contain a direct link to the appropriate web page for that data, designed for efficient entry, so they can quickly complete the task and get back to their research.

We are professional developers with decades of experience delivering EHS solutions.  During that time, we've either been embedded in an EHS Office or have being working in close partnership with one on a daily basis.

For more information contact

Des Nolan, Solution Partner, DesNolan@ehsis.com

Company Address

ABC Systems, Inc.
375 Morgan Lane, #301
West Haven, CT 06516

We're directly opposite the N. Frontage Rd. entrance to Yale University West Campus.