Quality Model Support

EHSIntegrator supports common quality models. We describe here how it supports one common quality process, Plan-Do-Check-Act, (which is advocated by many internationally recognized quality standards and is often used by EHS offices).
The following sections elaborates on the steps in the above diagram and indicates which modules in EHSIntegrator you can draw upon for support.

Assess: Develop Plan & Checklist

Tasks: Define policy objectives, assess risks, set operational goals, and design programs to support those items.

EHSIntegrator: Define the activities and roles you want to track in the Core Data modules of the application, and setup questionnaires in the Survey module configured to run with specific frequencies for particular activities, Principals, their related work areas, other Principals sharing spaces, etc. And optionally, define what types of responses are permitted for each or your questions.

Inspect for Issues

Tasks: Implementation and execution of the programs.

EHSIntegrator: Use the Survey module and mobile devices (iPads) to inspect specific Principals and/or areas, recording observations and issues found. On survey completion, the system will send notifications via our Notification module to Principals and/or People who have been tagged with serious issues with a request for them to respond. You can also send a copy of the entire survey to one or more Principals and/or People. You can even define who gets notified about specific answers e.g. all Bio issues found could be sent to the Bio Safety Officer for lab inspections.

Track Resolutions

Tasks: Follow-up on issues found and make sure that Principals have taken appropriate corrective action.

EHSIntegrator: Finding issues is only worth doing if those issues are addressed. The Find-and-Fix Results section of the Survey module allows you to easily see all issues that need a response from Principals along with responses already submitted, which you can accept or send back for additional follow-up.

Review Metrics & Course Correct

Tasks: Management review of metric trends to identify program areas needing adjustments.

EHSIntegrator: The system allows you look across all surveys of any survey type and see all issues found. It also provides numerous summary metrics for such things as the top 10 or 20 issues found, the top 5 issues by survey type or activity type, etc. Comparing metrics month to month will allow you spot any immediate concerns and comparing totals from year to year will show if things are improving overall or not. Based on what you see within those metrics / trends you can decide what corrective actions you should implement for your programs.