The EHSIntegrator software platform was built only after giving careful thought to the key ideas below, and they are still used to guide its ongoing development.

Provide Significant Benefits

Productivity/Management: Examples:
Better Productivity Better Productivity
- Reduced response times - auto checks/notices
- Integrated workflows - leverage prior work
Better Management Better Management
- Improved compliance - track issues/responses
- Improved analysis - see trends/adj. staff
More Satisfied Principals Principal direct access

Quality Model Support [More...]

  • Assess, Develop Plan, and Checklists
  • Inspect for Issues
  • Track Resolutions
  • Review Metrics and Course Correct

Important Concepts [More...]

  • Roles
  • Activities
  • Exposure Risks
  • Training Requirements

Best Tool for the Job [More...]

  • Windows Application for EHS productivity
  • Web Application for accessibility by PIs and Contacts
  • Single Industrial Strength Database

Modular System [More...]

  • Modularization is one of two key software architectural patterns for flexible systems
  • It promotes grouping major areas of related functionality into separate modules
  • Which allows you adopt modules individually, or a couple each year, as your needs dictate
  • Each module can be evolved separately to handle changing business needs

Software Layers [More...]

  • Software layering is the other key software architectural pattern for flexible systems
  • Major areas of technical responsibilities are assembled into individual software layers
  • With layering, each layer can be evolved independently to handle shifts in technology