Organizations responsible for safety and compliance should have first-class information systems to manage their operation and build a culture of safety and responsibility based on communication and meaningful metrics.

Safety Integrator is an open-source software platform built for organizations responsible for safety and compliance at research institutions. Our purpose is to advance safety and compliance by equipping organizations with first-class information systems, partnering with them to ensure ongoing success, and helping them build a culture of safety and responsibility.

We've rebranded with a simple name change from EHS Integrator to Safety Integrator

MISSION: Our mission is to provide superior Safety Tools and Safety Programs that directly support and reenforce the efforts of Research Safety Offices to provide a safer work environment for people within their organization.

SUCCESS: We have done this successfully at Yale University's Environmental Health and Safety office  for 10+ years by actively listening to their safety staff and in turn their customers, and then delivering Safety Tools and Safety Programs that reenforce their efforts

THE FUTURE: We've currently adding significantly to our resources and planning on even greater success in the next decade, here are some of the things we're working on right now, come join us for a bright future.

The projects shown here is going to be our busiest year yet, join us for the future.